Over the course of my life, I’ve always wanted desperately to see an extraterrestrial spacecraft up close. Many years ago, I used to wonder if I’d have the nerve to approach one, if it landed. Well, quite some years back, I came to the definite conclusion that yes, I definitely would indeed approach one, if given the opportunity.

My friends used to chide me on that account, saying that I was crazy, cuz they (ETs) might experiment on me, performing all sorts of unknown, horrific procedures. Of course, it’s not as if that hadn’t crossed my mind, but I’d long since decided that it was worth the risk, for the potential enlightenment & gain in knowledge.

Then came the movie “Fire In The Sky”. That one kinda spooked me, & for a little while, I was actually having second thoughts, & was much less certain that I’d still have the nerve to approach a landed craft, if the opportunity arose. This apprehension was short-lived however, & I soon returned to the state of certainty & confidence which I live by. Yes, becoming a “victim” IS one possible outcome for this scenario, (IMO), but the potential gains (for ME, anyway), far outweigh the risks.

These days I persue a regimen of meditation & skwatching, with the aid of binoculars & a laser pointer. I’ve reached a point in my lonely, solitary, humdrum existance, that I’ve come to the definite conclusion that if ETs landed & offered me a chance to leave with them, even with the stipulation that I’d never see home again, I’D STILL GO IN A HEARTBEAT!!

I’ve had several experiences which seemed likely or promising, but at the same time, inconclusive & somewhat ambiguous. EXCEPT ONE…

One night before heading out for my skywatching session, I opened the door & casually waved the laser pointer around, just kind of playing, really, & not expecting anything. Suddenly, to my amazement, the car headlights came on! Now, this is a car which has a remote control for the lights, door & trunk locks, & even the horn, but I live in a very rural area, with no neighbors within a half mile, so there’s no way anyone could be within range with a remote. Additionally, those are digital remotes with unique frequencies, making it HIGHLY unlikely that someone else’s remote could affect the car. The headlights stayed on for about 30 seconds, & faded off.

Since digital car remotes work on radio frequency, not light, I knew my laser couldn’t have been the cause. In fact, I wasn’t even aiming it at the car, but just to be certain, I tried. As expected, there was NO WAY I could affect it. I tried shining the laser all around & all over the car, and at all different distances, even up close. I covered nearly every inch of that car with the laser, & guess what? NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER! I’ve even tried on multiple occassions since then, but there’s just no way whatsoever to have any affect on that car with a laser pointer!

I’ve since researched it a bit, & been told the exact same thing which I already knew… there’s no way to affect a car’s remote controls with a laser pointer! At the time of the event, there were no planes flying over, no traffic on my seldom-travelled road, & noone else around. Nothing whatsoever that I can attribute this event to! So where does that leave me?

Call me crazy, but I think it was an answer of some sort. Although this occurred about a month ago, & I’ve had nothing else “conclusive” happen since then, I’m ever vigilante, & continue to be hopeful for up-close & personal contact with benevolent ETs.

So, if they landed & gave you a choice, would YOU go?