I have come to the conclusion that there are many celebrities in Hollywood and in the entertainment industry in general, who are masquerading as at least two different people!
Here is my list of celebrities who are using two or more identities, but are actually the same person!


Geoff Tate = Michael Keaton = Mark Miller
Reese Witherspoon = Shannon Kenny = Julia Stiles
Michael Jackson = Diana Ross
Megyn Price = Mira Sorvino
John Candy = John Madden
Maura Tierney = Daphne Zuniga
Denver Pyle = Donald Sutherland
Jack Noseworthy = Ron Howard
Samuel L. Jackson = Laurence Fishburne
Chris Rock = Chris Tucker = Eddie Griffin = Dave Chappelle
Montel Williams = Louis Gossett Jr.
Christopher Lee = Peter Cushing
Rachel Luttrell = Jennifer Lopez = Sallie Richardson
Bryan Brown = Michael Caine
Lisa Hartman Black = Jennifer Aniston
Bette Midler = Sara Jessica Parker
Ben Affleck = Ben Stiller
Teryl Rothery = Dawn Wells
Christian Slater = Jack Nicholson
Michael Ironside = Kurtwood Smith
Michelle Lee = Barbara Eden
Nancy Travis = Andie McDowell
Tobey McGuire = Topher Grace = Dave Foley
Dennis Leary = Willem Dafoe
Angie Harmon = Jordana Brewster
John Rhyes Davies = Sebastian Cabot
Seth Green = Jaime Kennedy
Rena Sofer = Amanda Peet
Michael Clarrke Duncan = Ving Rhames
Mary Hart = Faith Hill
Joe Rogan = Tony Danza
Bret Michaels = Vince Neil
Wynona Ryder = Lucas Haas
More will be added as I discover their alter-egos! 😛